Dell Technologies Delivers Kubernetes at the Speed of Cloud with VMware Tanzu on Dell VxRail

Dell Technologies Hong Kong 2020-10-16

Dell Technologies is the only HCI vendor offering a fully integrated Tanzu portfolio on VxRail with reference architecture, cluster, and private cloud offerings 

Hong Kong – Sep 24, 2020

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• VxRail delivers “Kubernetes at Cloud Speed” with multiple, fully integrated HCI  infrastructure options to run vSphere with Tanzu to help customers accelerate application  modernization. 

 • With VxRail automated full stack lifecycle management and non-disruptive addition of next  generation platforms, customers can continuously, confidently and predictably take  advantage of evolving Kubernetes technology on fully integrated, automated  infrastructure.  

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Dell Technologies and VMware are dedicated to delivering tightly integrated products that help  customers get the most value out of their IT infrastructure investments, by integrating Dell  VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliance with VMware Tanzu. In fact, Dell  Technologies is the only HCI vendor offering a fully integrated Tanzu portfolio with reference  architecture, cluster, and private cloud offerings - all on VxRail. 

To help customers accelerate application modernization, VxRail delivers “Kubernetes at Cloud  Speed” with multiple, fully integrated HCI infrastructure options to run vSphere with Tanzu. VMware Tanzu on Dell VxRail flexible infrastructure options enable businesses to rapidly  adopt Kubernetes to keep pace with the speed of business.  

Customers can choose the best infrastructure to fit their organizations operating model and level  of Kubernetes expertise. Whether customers are looking to develop on a validated Platform-as- a-Service or Container-as-a-Service platform with Tanzu Architecture for VxRail, rapidly get  started with a Kubernetes deployment of vSphere with Tanzu on VxRail, or deploy Kubernetes at  scale on a turnkey, fully integrated, secure private cloud deployment with VMware Cloud  Foundation with Tanzu on VxRail, the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, running Tanzu on VxRail  delivers:

• Accelerated adoption: Curated VxRail systems come fully integrated and ready to  deploy, automated infrastructure deployment and cloud-like resource pooling, elasticity,  agility/speed, and programmability accelerate Kubernetes infrastructure delivery so  developers can operate at the pace of today’s digital business.

• Kubernetes your way: Choice of infrastructure delivery options with consistent  operations that align to your organization’s operating model. Deploy the optimal  infrastructure that meets your Kubernetes readiness journey. 

• Rapid Kubernetes evolution: With VxRail automated full stack lifecycle management  and non-disruptive addition of next generation platforms, customers can continuously,  confidently and predictably take advantage of evolving Kubernetes technology on fully  integrated, automated infrastructure.  

“VMware Tanzu on VxRail will provide customers with immediate value – delivering an easy to  deploy and manage stack that runs both modern and traditional applications,” said Krish Prasad,  SVP CPBU and GM vSphere, VMware. “VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu on VxRail will  deliver significant operational efficiency for running Kubernetes workloads at scale in the data  center, Cloud and at the Edge.” 

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